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Winner of the II BDMG Prize for Instrumental Music, in the composer category, Edu Negrão, musician, guitarist, researcher, teacher and arranger, is dedicated to Brazilian instrumental music since the beginning of his career in 1996. He has released 3 copyrighted albums: "Tempo Bom " (2002), with the participation of musicians from Minas Gerais, Toninho Horta, Nivaldo Ornelas, Yuri Popoff, Neném and Juarez Moreira, a work released by the NY label, Apria Records; "Vem Ver" (2005), nominated for the Latin GRAMMY, recorded in Rio de Janeiro, with the participation of musicians from Rio de Janeiro, Zeca Assumpção, Gilson Peranzetta, Carlos Malta, Paulo Russo, Mamao and Marcio Bahia. And the third work, by Tratore, “Verdenovo” (2009) , with the São Paulo natives, Benjamim Taubkin, Teco Cardoso, João Parahyba, Nenê and Toninho Ferragutti.


The guitarist stands out for his approach, called hybrid technique, where he uses the pick to make the melody and his fingers to do the accompaniment simultaneously and also for his precision and energy, which are highlighted by the extremely clean and warm sound of his guitar. Negrão's education dates back to his childhood, when he borrowed his cousin's guitar and never returned it. He studied at the Minas Gerais Arts Education Foundation, at the Berklee School of Music, Boston, and at IG & T / SP. The conductor Eduardo Ribeiro, who named him as one of his best students, and guitarists Celso Moreira and Mozart Mello also mark the musician's trajectory. 


He performed with: Toninho Horta, Beto Lopes, Nivaldo Ornelas, Chico Amaral, Kleber Alves, Marku Ribas, Ivan Correa, Neném, Mario Castelo, Kiko Mitri, Robertinho Silva, Yuri Popoff, Kiko Continentino, Aluízio Horta, Cris Vianna, Pedro Portella , Marcio Hallack, Michel Freidenson, Zeli, Edu Ribeiro, Antonio Barker, Fernando Baggio, Josué dos Santos, Vitor Alcantara, Rita Maria, Tania Paes, Pedro Macedo, Antonio de Padua, Renno Sarayva, Mazinho Ventura, Eddy Palermo (Italy), Roberto Pistolese (Italy), Silvia Manco (Italy), Rosália de Souza (Italy), Susanna Stivali (Italy), Angelica Caronia (Italy), Virginia Croma (Italy) and Mariangela Caserta (Italy). Also with Willard Dyson(USA) and Christian Fabian(USA).


Opened shows for Without Words (Canada), Borghetti, Zimbo Trio, Bandolim Elétrico and Nuno Mindélis. The guitarist plays regularly in trio, quartet and quintet, in Brazil, in São Paulo, Porto Alegre and Minas Gerais, and abroad, in NY and Rome. He played at Sesc Pompeia (Prata da Casa) and Consolação; Jazz of the Funds; Brazilian House Museum; Ao Vivo Music (where he played for 10 years); Vergueiro Cultural Center (Guitarras Paulistanas); Isabella Hendrix Theater, as winner of the BDMG Award; Guaramiranga Jazz and Blues Festival; I Café com Letras Jazz Festival; Utopian Joinery(MG); Petra Jazz Festival of Ilhabela; Jazz com todas as letras in Belo Horizonte; Gregory's (It); La Palma (It); Issuer Ray Uno (It); Bowery Poetry Club(NY) among other spaces.


Currently plays at Tupizando, born from André Marques's Brazilian rhythms workshop (Hermeto Pascoal Band) and at Stratosamba, where he reinterprets sambas from 1928 to 1978 in a trio: bass, drums and guitar. Edu Negrão is a musician who lived in Rome and Boston and spends his time in Brazil, between Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. As a composer, Edu's compositions stand out for their careful melodic construction, simple and unpretentious harmonies are really complex and original. As an arranger, he has been since 2007, writing and adapting songs from the brasilian songbook exclusively for guitar, today with 150 arrangements for stratocaster guitar.

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