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From the union of two passions, samba and electric guitar, Stratosamba is born, the new work of musician, composer and arranger Edu Negrão.

The name Stratosamba derives from the union of the words “stratocaster” (guitar model) and samba, samba on the “stratocaster” is Stratosamba.

Stratosamba is a project that reinterprets samba classics with a different aesthetic proposal.

With country, jazz and blues influences, the guitar arrangements were designed with the resources that the stratocaster guitar can offer, such as vibrato or tremolo, and thinking about the ergonomic exchange of the pickup.

Stratosamba proposes a rescue of samba, a legitimately Brazilian musical genre, acoustic and popular, which now acquires a new instrumental and electric format with a regimentation that refers to the American blues.

From a selection of classic sambas from 1928 to 1982, instrumental arrangements were made for Power Trio: guitar, bass and drums, and later for brass: trumpet, alto sax and trombone, thus adding new voices to the trio.

The wind instruments go back to Edu's influences in his music, such as Moacir Santos, Eumir Deodato, Wagner Tiso and longtime partner Yuri Popoff.

The great samba classics gained a new sound: Stratosamba.
The most Brazilian of all rhythms, in an instrument that changed the history of music!

André Souto, drums, André Salmerón, bass, Edu Negrão, guitar and arrangements.
With more than special guest appearances by Estefane Santos on trumpet, Juliane Bellingeri on alto sax and Heloisa Alvim on trombone.

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