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Press Quotes

"Edu puts himself out there so naturally that it’s hard to believe this is his first work, the compositions are light and commited to a music of rare intensity."

Maurício Gouvêa – International Magazine Newspaper (2002)


"Exellent arrangements, mature harmonies and consistent compositions are the glow of this beautiful CD. He knows how to flow with the music."

Márcio Okayama – Guitar Player (2005)


"Considered one of the best composers of the 2nd BDMG Instrumental Awards."

Milton Luiz – O Tempo Newspaper (2002)


"Owner of a melodic frasing, the guitar player and composer Edu Negrao really impresses us with his debuting work."

Gustavo Martins – Guitar Player (2002)


"Edu’s compositions and arrangements, not to mention his well elaborated solos set the mood with a great blending of colective sonorities."

José Domingos Raffaelli – musical reviwer for BDMG instrumental awards, and columnist for Jornal do Brasil for 20 years (2002)


"Fabulously melodic compositions directly from Sao Paolo, Brazil. A new Brazilian talent reaches the U.S. and abroad.”

CD Baby (2002)


"Edu Negrao’s work demonstrates incredibly melodic compositional work that stands toe to toe with the works of Antonio Carlos Jobim while maintaining an intellectual connectivity to current conteporary jazz. absolute genius."

Apria Records NY (2002)

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